Monday, April 30, 2012

ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE - Florida. . .4/29/12

It's been a fun couple of days as Kyle drove across the country to start a summer adventure -
Yes, he is selling. . .
But the best part is, he is going with family and friends and should have a great time!
I was just happy to have him call me every 4 hours or so to let me know they were still on the ROAD again!
We will miss him being home this summer, but sure he will be able to have some quality time once he returns!
There will be two new babies, kinda like when he got home from his mission . . .
Skype will make it possible to be close and involved!
So, Enjoy the ride and DO YOUR BEST!
Hope you get to see some of the extended family while there. . .
love ya forever

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 - Keeping Safe and Balanced in a Google-YouTube-Twitter-Facebook-iEverything-World

So as I was reading the Ensign this morning, I came across a short article I felt I should share because in recent days I have been considering ways I can improve my time management. Although it didn't bring any particular names to mind of those in our family, I realized that even though I don't have any cool gadgets (especially with my iPod touch being non-functioning), I have noticed I sometimes waste time on my laptop just between YouTube, CNN, and the rare Facebook (don't worry, I truly don't consider myself having a problem.) But thanks to the article, it hit home how important our time is in any situation. In the past I have heard the idea of tithing our time to the Lord, and as tough as two and a half hours a day can be to set aside, it is a definite sacrifice that can bring incredible blessings.

Ideas of things to do during the day:
  • Daily scripture study
  • Read a church magazine
  • Watch a few Mormon Messages
  • A little family history fun on Family Search
  • Write a letter to a missionary
  • Prepare a Sunday lesson
  • Family Home Evening
  • Home/Visiting Teaching
  • Anything we need to do to fulfill our calling
  • Watch church videos (I still haven't seen but 20 mins of 37 Miracles, and the 20 mins was great)
  • Post links or videos on your social-media sites when appropriate
  • Visit the Bishop's Storehouse to do service (a little easier for me I think)
  • Call members/converts/investigators from your mission (obviously a preference of mine, Skype is great for just phone calls too!)

May we consider the ways to take advantage of the many trendy things that our now a part of our lives, and use them for the purposes the Lord has intended they be used. I love you all and look up to you all. Thanks for the fun pictures and stories you occasionally send my way so I can enjoy your love from a distance. Hopefully this finds you well and is a reminder that I am still thinking of you all.


ps. My idea by sending this was more to remind MYSELF, so hopefully you don't think I'm trying to give another annoying reminder of the things I know you all do. As far as the list goes, I would love any response with more ideas for myself.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

We are so happy to have you Home for the Holidays 2011

I still think of you as My Elder Nichols - and i enjoy keeping up with your mission on their blog -
BUT MY best moment is to get a phone call from you at anytime of the day and hear all about your accomplishments and decisions that you are making daily!
Working two jobs, getting A's in school, finding time to volunteer in a classroom to translate for a young teacher and her parents in Spanish because you can, as her home teacher
I love how excited you are about what you are doing
I love how well you have adjusted to all that you are engaged in
I love how much fun you can have just doing WHAT YOU NEED TO DO
I love how happy you are everyday in everything that you are involved in
I love that you are such a valiant returned missionary who understands His purpose
I love that you are pursuing your education and your personal relationships
I love that you know who you are and why you are here
I love that you want to SERVE others as well as He who gave us all of our blessings.
I love you my son and am thankful that I can be your mother.
Forever and always

Friday, September 23, 2011


Elder - I mean Kyle F. Nichols was thrilled to hear that the Temple Dedication -
that he had been so involved in preparing for it to be a possibility -
FINALLY ARRIVED, it is documented on his mission blog and
Knowing that the Lord's work can move forward in an area that
you have come to love the Saints personally, has to be an awesome feeling!
I've heard rumors that he wants to go back to Peru and Chile with his
siblings etc. to visit their FRIENDS and attend those temples there -

What a blessing for a mother to know that those are the important things
in the lives of her children! Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me.
Thank you Kyle for being so valiant - I enjoy watching all of you develop
into the SPECIAL SPIRITS that I know first entered my life and
I have had the privilege to LOVE & NURTURE in my arms and home!
Oh So Sweet. . .

Monday, September 5, 2011

HOME for a moment and OFF to the Future!

It has been a really quick month - AUGUST 2011 that
Elder Kyle F. Nichols was actually HOME
He spent time with
new little ones
working for mom
painting a patio
catching up on old stuff
getting his teeth checked
riding his bike
playing soccer
getting his foot checked
looking for jobs
looking for cars
selling a motorcycle
feeling lost
thinking of all he misses
missing His work
trying to make decisions
teaching some investigators
teaching some youth discussions
talking in Spanish ward
talking in spanish
thinking in spanish
thinking in english
talking in english
catching up with the world
wondering what if
looking foward to the future!
WE WILL MISS HIM, we took him to UTAH to live with his brother, cousin and friends!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

FUN ADVENTURES as always . . . 6.11.11

today we did a service project from 7:30 am until now with all the missionaries/sisters in the Trujillo zones (90 of us in total) we all had our yellow helping hands vests on and we planted trees in peoples yards so it was fun and an opportunity to contact others and represent the church in a positive social activity. these last few days, elder mcgrath and i have been traveling up north to each area in Guadalupe that will be going to the new mission and working with the missionaries and meeting with the local leaders preparing plans and making sure all are in shape and gaps are filled in fulfilling their callings because it is a District there and they fall under the missions direction. wednesday we had our monthly zone leader council and it was great. next week we will head to cajamarca and stay for 3 days and 3 nights so that Pres. and Sis. Turk can have a testimony meeting with all the missionaries, last interviews with Pres. Turk, and an activity, while we work half day with each area. it really is so sad and hard to say goodbye to the elders their, especially for Pres. and Sis. Turk (as their parents) and i have been so strengthened by the work we have been able to do with the new mission and all the missionaries who will be leaving because they really are some of our best missionaries and i know the Lord has prepared it in such a manner so that His gospel can continue reaching the ends of the earth. i love this work so much and know that it is the MOST IMPORTANT WORK on this earth.
will send pictures a little later, gonna go cut my hair, eat lunch, then in the evening we will attend a baptism and visit the new family we are teaching! pray for them and all those who are coming to know the Restored Gospel.
hope all is well in your homes
love you all,
Elder Nichols

Another Great Group of New Missionaries - 6.4.11

so this week more than flew. lots of meetings and crazy stuff with the changes. due to the increased amount of incoming missionaries we have tried new things with the changes to be able to handle the groups that are so big so this week we didnt have a transfer meeting. just a time schedule that each companionship would come in and leave there old companion and pick up their new one. it was layed out over and hour and a half. it all came out very smooth. now we are here in the office as 8 again with 2 who are going to form part of the office in the new chiclayo mission. good old elder mcgrath from carlsbad, ca who is just another one of my best friends. he is part hawaiian and lived their half his life and has a house there so i just might get to know hawaii some day and have somewhere to stay ha. so im training him and then when he goes the end of this month, my last two weeks i will also train the new assistant who will take my place. im gonna be busier than ever traveling and working with the missionaries that are in the northernest zones who are going to the new mission. its gonna be hard for them to part so we need to do all we can to help them keep their heads up and remember their purpose through enjoying just plain old hard work. (MY FAVORITE PART OF THIS TIME!) the new group of missionaries that got here this week were amazing and i love to see the new guys get out here and join us in this Great and Marvelous work of the Lord. they bring a special spirit and excitement with them and motivate the rest of the missionaries. so last night we taught a family of 5 Julio(dad), Janet(mom), Maricielo(daughter-18), Julinho(son-15), and two month old baby girl. they were great and accepted to be baptized, the missionaries in another area of trujillo had been teaching them and took them to church once and then they moved and we were able to meet them. pray for them and hermanito Carlos as well. its been tought to find him, and we know he is prepared and desires this True Gospel in his life.
I am so glad i am here in this wonderful land of Peru to share the greatest news that has blessed my life and the life of my family. i am also happy to know that this mission and decision to follow and bring others to our Savior Jesus Christ will never end, because that means that the happiness and blessings won´t end either. i love you all with all my heart.
miss you, will come back and write later.
Elder Nichols